ARODOU (2021)
With support of Hellenic Greek Center & Ministry of Culture

What if we remember only the essentials about ourselves?
What if we cannot recall all the things that determine us as humans?
Sophia after loosing her memory tries to take back her past, but retracting her old self may not be what she was looking for, after all.

Sophia, a privileged landscape photographer, returns to her detached house after an accident took her memory away. Being alone in her home, the sound of the answering machine beeps constantly disrupting her while she tries to remember her life. She spends hours taking notes on everything; Tasting every bit of food from her fridge, listening to CDs, opening every single book from the shelfs. Struggling to find a connection with her home and its objects, Sophia takes her camera and leaves her house. She arrives at a park she has photographed before but she finds it hard to take pictures without the human element in them. A relation to how she approached her art before the accident seems now impossible to her. She enters a bar and starts tasting alcoholic beverages insisting on taking notes regarding her preferences. Alcohol makes her drunk and loose with herself. She returns home at dawn. She plays the messages from the answering machine till she hears a message she herself left from when she was in the hospital describing who she is. Sophia realises she wants to leave her old self in the past and chooses to reborn.